Election Day: Tuesday, November 3

Carrie DelRosso is the right choice for State Representative.


Frank Dermody is a leader for unrestricted on-demand, taxpayer funded abortion.

House Minority Leader Frank Dermody has opposed every bipartisan-supportedlegislation to protect unborn babies. That’s why he’s earned the support of the state’sbiggest abortion business, Planned Parenthood.

FACT: Frank OPPOSED a law expanding telemedicine, because it did not include abortion expansion — allowing dangerous chemical abortions without a doctor present.

FACT: Frank OPPOSED a bill to prevent abortions at 20 weeks – when a baby feels pain.
FACT: Frank OPPOSED a law requiring common sense safety regulations and inspections on abortion clinics, that protects women and babies.

Carrie DelRosso is the only pro-life candidate running for the 33rd district.

Girls Sports

Frank Dermody will change the rules for girls sports.

FACT: Two Connecticut high school boys identifying and competing as girls won a combined 15 girls state track titles and championships since 2017.

FACT: This state policy robs medals and honors that should belong to girls.

FACT: Leader Frank Dermody is co-sponsoring legislation that will bring this unfairness to Pennsylvania sports.

As our new state representative, Carrie DelRossowill protect fairness in girls sports.

Pro-Family Values

Carrie will support a bill to protect babies pre-diagnosedwith possible Down syndrome.

Carrie opposes legislation that would open up public school restroomsand locker rooms to members of the opposite sex.

Carrie will support the religious freedom of small business owners,like bakers and florists, to create for the events of their choice.

Vote for Carrie DelRosso
onTuesday, November 3
for State Representative.